Monkey Mayhem

Bring Lots of Bananas It’s all about the monkey business on this ride. Kids and adults can enjoy seeing how fast they can get their monkey to spin around without […]

Mini Jet Fuel

It’s Like Being In a Cartoon This colorful ride is great for taking photos of your kids as they cruise up and down around Mr. Moustache.

Mini Enterprise

Take Controls of the Mini Enterprise The little ones love the feeling of flying their own helicopter while enjoying the view along the way.

Toon Town

Leave the Real World Behind This cinema themed funhouse is enjoyed by all ages. Step inside and become involved in some zany antics that are sure to please.

Dark Ride

Things That Go Bump In the Night It’s more fun in the dark. Surprises are in store for you as you ride through this maze. Not too scary, just a […]

Monster Trucks

Pick Your Favorite Wheels This brand new ride is bound to one of the favorites on our Midway. Everyone loves the excitement of monster trucks and the kids can’t wait […]

Mardi Gras Fun House

Take A Walk on The Wild Side The colors and beads and fun of Mardi Gras decorate this party house. Take a walk through the the French Quarter and all […]


Bring Back Old Memories This family classic is enjoyed by kids and adults. Relax on one of the many colorful horses as you enjoy the lights and sounds of this […]

Hop-Around Bunnies

Come Ride the Bunnies Jump inside your bunny of choice and enjoy the feeling of being a big rabbit hopping around looking for carrots.

Hog Wild

The Cutest Ride Ever This is one of our newest rides and the kids love it. Pick out your favorite motorcycle and look like the original easy riders!