WCA Express

It’s a Whirlwind of Colors This new addition to the midway is a family favorite. Kids enjoy the interactive lights and sounds of the Circus Train while zigzagging around the […]

Wacky Worm

Worm Your Way Around the Circle A great looking large coaster-style ride that smiles at you on the Midway. Kids love the little ups and downs while worming their way […]

Sooper Jet Coaster

All of the Little Ups and Downs This kids version of a roller coaster propels them along the track while experiencing fun little tummy tickling rolls and dips. Fun all […]

Super Slide

Watch the Bump at the Bottom The Super Slide is the ultimate playground slide enjoyed by all ages. Hop on your burlap sack and race your friends to the bottom.

Spring Ride

A Ride to Tickle Your Stomach Kids can enjoy the sensation of blasting off into the sky and free falling back to earth. You never know when you will head […]

Rock Town

It’s a Prehistoric Adventure Tour for Kids Zigzag your way through downtown Rock Town while you pretend to steer and honk your way in busy prehistoric rush-hour.


It’s an Adventure Kids love this attraction. It starts with an obstacle course and moves to ladders and net walls. Climb to the top and walk across the swinging bridge. […]

Peter Paul Dragons

How High Can Your Dragon Go? These dragons will leave the kids wanting more as they cruise around flying up and down and all around. Sorry, you can’t take your […]

Orient Express

Great Coaster for the Kids Let the kids experience the feeling of a mini roller coaster while riding inside the beautiful Dragon cars. From the lit up facade to the […]


Pull a Wheelie While You’re Cruising Let your kids cruise around on the motorcycle of their choice. It’s the safest motorcycle gang on the midway.