Are You Filming A Movie Or Hosting An Event?

Looking for that extra oomph for your corporate event?

Or is there a movie you’re working on with a spectacular carnival scene?

West Coast Amusements is the largest Canadian Midway operation in Western Canada and is one of the few that’s still family-operated.

With over 500 dedicated staff members, your event or movie set is in the right hands.

You Can Rely On Us.

For more than 50 years, West Coast Amusements has been creating experiences that look great on camera. 

We’ve worked with large production companies, independent filmmakers, event planners, and various films, television & commercial productions.

Are You Hosting An Event And Need Some Midway Bedazzle?

Midway – that glorious cluster of amusement park rides, games, and piping hot food all blended together in a whirlwind of colour. There’s a vibrant, delicious feel to such a place.


And we get it – you want that for your event.


Some occasions that call for some carnival flair:


Company events, such as:

Special events, such as:

Here’s some of what’s available to rent:

Our experienced staff members take care of all your needs throughout your event. Ride set-up, food service, game booth set-up, and so on! Our rental service is a complete package tailored to make your event as easy as possible.


Do you have an event coordinator? Great! We can work with them and help create a glorious event for you.

Are You Ready To Film Your Movie But Still Need Carnival Props?

You see it now. It’s a bustling scene with rides whirling in blurs of colour, extras munching on popcorn, and kids clutching recently won toys as their parents stroll behind them.

The main actors are almost lost in the thick of it, but that’s just part of the magic.

Beautiful chaos. Your camera loves it.

But first, you need to rent the stuff that creates such a scene.

You can rent:

On top of all that, we offer full production services.

This means generators and staff members who take care of all the nitty-gritty for you so you can just get your actors on set and your cameras rolling.