All sales of tickets and wristbands (purchased online or on site) are final.  

If you purchased your wristband online and have not yet redeemed your purchase on site, you can transfer/sell your purchase to someone else.

Children under 2 or under 36 inches are not permitted on any rides.


Others must be personally responsible to be in good health and free of conditions that may be aggravated by the rides.

For most rides people MUST be a minimum of 36″ tall. For some rides, the minimum is 42″ tall. 


Check all rides to make sure you are tall enough. We post signs that have the height requirement and any specific guidelines at each attraction.


For your safety, we strictly enforce these requirements.


Refunds are not provided for wristbands or tickets purchased for people who do not meet height requirements.

Your wristband includes access to all rides for one day. If it is a multi-day event, there is no defined day for the wristband – it can be used on any one day during the event.  

You do not have to purchase any additional tickets to get on WCA rides.

Wristbands do not include games or food.

WCA does not charge a fee to walk the midway area (non-riders,  parents, etc).  Some larger fair events, however, have a separate gate entrance fee (for example: The Cloverdale Rodeo).

Wristbands are only valid for the location you purchased for.

Regular ticket pricing (not wristband pricing) is as follows for each location:

  • Single Gold Ticket: $1.25
  • Red Book (20) $23.00
  • Blue Book (40) $45.00

All Rides take between 3-7 coupons!

Wristband pricing vary depending on location. Please check your location for wristband pricing and other promotional offers.

Every rider is required to have a ticket on each ride.

There are no refunds or exchanges allowed after you purchase your tickets.

If you are pregnant, you are not permitted to ride. Sorry, but there is no exception – including the carousel. 

Yes we accept both credit and debit cards at all booths, except for the games. For your convenience we have ATMs available throughout the Midway.

Some locations also offer purchasing wristbands online.

Our general hours are School Days – open at 3pm and Non-School Days – open at 12 Noon. To be certain, you will want to check your location in the calendar.

We cannot be responsible for weather and therefore we do not offer refunds. Some rides may be closed if there are unsafe weather conditions.

Be sure to wear closed-toe shoes and avoid wearing any loose clothing.

No casts are permitted without previous approval from the Guest Relations Office.

Our rides are secured with the latest safety equipment and are inspected daily. As a rider, here is a list of things you can do to help keep yourself safe:


  • Walk – don’t run on the midway
  • Use caution while entering and exiting all rides
  • Secure all loose articles of clothing
  • Hold on to all lap bars when riding
  • Stay in your seat while riding
  • Do not rock seats
  • Keep all hands and feet inside the cars while riding
  • Stay seated until the ride comes to a complete stop
  • Wait for ride attendant to open all restraint devices
  • Listen to the directions of the ride operators
  • Please do not talk to ride operator while the ride is in motion
  • WCA is not responsible for any personal belongings – please keep your belongings with you for find a safe place to keep them while you’re on the rides