West Coast Amusement Rides

Binge on our amazing rides like the Scrambler, Hurricane, Himalaya, and the classic Ferris Wheel. Leave yourself dizzy and delighted. Challenge yourself or dare your friends to our spectacular rides, or let your kids loose in Kiddieland.

West Coast Amusements has rides for all ages and all levels of riding. We have over 100 rides to choose from, and your all-day wristband will let you ride all of them (if you can). Our rides are constantly upgraded for safety, and are kept clean by our crew.

Every ride is an opportunity to make a memory.

amusement rides

Kiddieland Rides

There’s Kiddieland, the magical and delightful child-only rides for the little ones. Perfect for families bringing their young kids to play for the day.

These bright and colourful rides are perfect photo opportunities to capture your children having the time of their lives.

Note: Children must be at least 36 inches tall and be at least two years old to ride, with no exceptions.

Family Amusements

West Coast Amusements has a variety of games, rides and food for the whole family. Bring your skill and check your accuracy, our games test your abilities to shoot, pin, throw and more. Some of our concession games give a prize every time. Prove you have what it takes to win the biggest prizes at the show, and gain some bragging rights in the process.

Spectacular Rides

These rides aren’t for the feint of heart. Our spectacular rides will test you. Not everyone has what it takes to ride them all, few do. Are you one of the brave ones? Our spectacular rides are legend for experiencing g-force, heights, and free-falls. Try at least one, we