You Never Get Used To This One Listen to the creaks and screams as the vertical spinning and turning motion will keep you holding on until the bitter end.

Zero Gravity

Get Your Back To the Wall This Spaceship looking ride uses centrifugal force to send you spinning in the air at 80 degrees. This open air ride is not for […]


Hey, There’s My House Get a great view of your area while swinging high in the air on this Midway favorite. Guaranteed fun.


A Dizzying Sensation The Vertigo spins you in a swing while it slowly climbs to the top of a 100 foot tower. You’re on top of the world and swinging […]


It’s Up To You This amazing intermediate “Tweener Ride” is a thrilling ride enjoyed by children, teens and adults alike. Strap yourself in and get ready as the Tornado begins […]


Tilt, Whirl & Scream This carnival classic has been entertaining families for over 75 years with its spinning, tilting and whirling. Hold on tight because you never know which spin […]


Eeeease Your Way Up Then Drop New t o our Midway last year, this ride is a pure adrenaline free fall. The rider creeps slowly up a pure vertical tower, […]


Feel the Thrill of Weightlessness This ride is a heart-stopper. At 24 rpm, the Starship2000 uses centrifugal force to float you off the floor, giving you the feeling of weightlessness.

Spin Out

Ready, Set, Spin This claw ride has it all. Starting from the word ‘Go’ you experience hovering sensations, spins and lots of rotations. This ride is a night time favorite.


This Creepy Crawly Will Scare You Hop on this 6 legged creature and hang on for your life. You never know which way this ride will spin you as it […]