Whopper Water

Highest Leap Wins Every Time Start from the lily pad with your water gun and squirt, squirt, squirt your frog up to the top. First leap to the top wins […]

Water Race

The More Players, the Bigger the Prize Squirt ’em high, squirt ’em low, squirt ’em with H2O. Straight to the top, non-stop. Sit down and grab a gun, aim for […]

Spinna Winna

This One is Exciting Vegas style lights and sounds will draw you into trying to win big prizes. Shoot your toonie up into the air and watch it land. Wait […]

Shooting Gallery

A Steady Hand Can Win Aim your air gun at the target boards and shoot away. You get 10 shots to shoot out all the targets. Great prizes for great […]

Roll-a-Ball Derby

And…They’re Off This game is all about speed and accuracy. Roll your ball up the table and aim for the higher numbered hole to send your horse racing down the […]

Rising Water

Keep Your Eye On the Prize Aim your water gun at the target, pull the trigger and spray away. First one to reach the top wins. The more racers the […]

Ring Toss

Ring One You Win This one is loads of fun. Buy a whack of rings and start tossing. There are different variations of this classic on the midways but the […]

Prize Palace

Make It Stay. Make Us Pay. Watch the demonstration on this one. The game operator makes it look easy as they toss the ball in the tub from every angle. […]

Prize Factory

Hit Or Miss, You’re a Winner Grab your darts and aim for the target. Kids win prizes at the Prize Factory everytime. Walk away a winner. From crazy hats to […]

Pool Tables

No Room For Error Pool Sharks welcome on this game. Miss on the break, that’s OK. Miss after that and it’s game over. Make every shot after the break to […]