These rides aren’t for the feint of heart. Our spectacular rides will test you. Not everyone has what it takes to ride them all, few do. Are you one of the brave ones? Our spectacular rides are legend for experiencing g-force, heights, and free-falls. Try at least one, we dare you.

Fantastic Favorites 


The Vertigo spins you in a swing while it slowly climbs to the top of a 100 foot tower. You’re on top of the world and swinging straight out until you ease back down the tower in a daze.

Super Shot

This ride is a pure adrenaline free fall. The rider creeps slowly up a pure 100 foot vertical tower, unable to know when they’ll reach the top. The second the gondola hits the top it drops like a shot.

Alien Abduction

This ride is completely enclosed with padded panels on the inside walls and spins at a speed of 24 rpm in less than 20 seconds. At this speed, rides will feel a g-force three times that of the force of gravity.

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