There’s Kiddieland, the magical and delightful child-only rides for the little ones. Perfect for families bringing their young kids to play for the day. These bright and colourful rides are perfect photo opportunities to capture your children having the time of their life.

Note: Children must be a minimum of 36 inches and at least 2 years of age to ride – there are no exceptions.

All Time Favorites 

Hog Wild

This is one of our newest rides and the kids love it. Pick out your favorite motorcycle and look like the original easy riders!

Monster Truck

This brand new ride is bound to one of the favorites. Everyone loves the excitement of monster trucks and the kids can’t wait to sit in their favorite trucks as it rides around in a circle.

Charlie Chopper

The kids control the throttle in this two-person helicopter. Fly gently up and down while you go around and around.

More Rides 

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