West Coast Amusements has a variety of games and rides for the whole family. Bring your skill and check your accuracy, our games test your abilities to shoot, pin, throw and more. Prove you have what it takes to win the biggest prizes at the show, and gain some bragging rights in the process.

Family Favorites 

Balloon Pop

Choose to play 1 to 3 darts. Anyone can play this favorite. Just throw your darts at the balloon, the more you pop the more you win. You can only pop one balloon per dart.

Whopper Water

Start from the lily pad with your water gun and squirt, squirt, squirt your frog up to the top. First leap to the top wins the prize every time. The more froggers in the pond, the bigger the prize.

Range Hoops

NBA Style. One in wins. This one needs no explanation other than – give it all you got because everyone is watching. The prizes are worth the pressure.

More Amusements 

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